Small Animals: Food & Accessories

  • small_animals Birds available
    finches, budgies, cockatiels,love birds, parrots
  • small animal-wombaroo-products
    insectivore mix, wombat, possum, granivar,...
  • small animal toys
    bird toys, ginea pig wheels,...
  • small animal products
    Avian Delights, nesting material,nesting boxes
  • small animal products
    dog and cat bedding, Advocate...
  • Small Animal Cages
    animal cages for bunnies, rats,Cat...

Products We Stock


  • Possum
  • Wombat
  • Kangaroo
  • Dog Milk Replacer
  • Cat Milk Replacer

Passwell Milk Formula

Possum Milk

Jack Rabbit Products

Chipsi Nesting Materials

Animal Treats

  • Calf
  • Roo
  • Lamb

Barrastock -Rabbit Pellets

Laucke – Roo Pellets

Rat/Ginea Pig toys

Waterers & Grooming Aids

DiVetalack Suppliments

Mammal Teats

Rabbit Hutches

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